On-Site Respirator Fit and Pulmonary Services

Respirator Clearance Evaluation

Medical evaluation of a worker's fitness to wear respirator. Our clinic staff reviews clearance questionnaires, as required by OSHA, to determine if there is any reason preventing a worker from using a respirator.

Respirator Fit Testing

Determines how efficiently respirators block harmful substances.

Who needs respirator fit tests?
  • Those who wear a respirator.
Types of testing we offer:

Qualitative: subjective test in which worker indicates if test substance can be detected through the respirator.

Quantitative: objective test in which a monitor measures precisely how much test substance leaks through the respirator.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Tests movement of air in and out of lungs.

Who needs pulmonary function tests?
  • Those exposed to lung hazards
  • Those with physically demanding jobs
  • Those who wear respirators